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The Icelands of Shrel'na

"Laniatus terram malorum rerum liberabit"


Shrel'na is the name of the icelands of Guzzak, an unknown and hostile world... The climate on Shrel'na is very cold, but it has been blessed by the gods of nature and fertility, which made life on Shrel'na much nicer. In the beginning only Icelanders populated the Icelands, but since the blessing other races conquered their place on the Icelands. Resources can be found in plenty which attracted many kinds of races: High Elves, because the forests look greener than any other forest, Dervishes with their trading motive, Orcs because of the iron and mithril and Gnomes because of the minerals and gems that can be found in plenty.

However, the Icelanders still have an advantage considering power. All cities which are currently built on Shrel'na are all populated by Icelanders. The greater towns are ruled by mages which are people with great expansionistic ideas. They intend to subdue the other races to fight for their cause. The problem is that there are four great cities, thus four great wizards. In the north live the Icelanders of the Sacred Bear, in the south live more rationalistic Icelanders. They are more concerned about trade. These two groups of Icelanders have sworn to kill each other. They will both continue until the enemy is gone, or until they are gone themselves...

Tournament Rules

Shrel'na is used for tournaments. These are the rules of a tournament:

Note that the 'roleplaying factor' is not very high on this world, since the world is more or less symetrical and everyone has the same sort of regions. Do not expect very much interesting texts, this world is purely meant as a tournament world.

City Descriptions


Icelanders manage to live in the harsh frozen conditions of the arctic lands. They survive hunting the sea mammals and fish that inhabit their regions. All capital towns are inhabited by Icelanders.

ROLE - In Röle religion is important. Sacred hunters are the common fighters of the town. They allied with Fralde to counter the threat from the south.

FRALDE - Fralde is famous of its sacred hunters. Religion plays an important role in the community of Fralde. They are allied with Röle.

TRIGOLDE - Trigolde is the city of traders. They are dedicated to defeat their so called 'religious' brothers in the north of the icelanders. They allied to Kelna for necessity.

KELNA - Kelna is one of the four glorious Icelander cities on the Icelands. These icelanders are well aware of the imminent coming war and have started preparing themselves. They are allied with Trigolde and trade with the outer lands. Their community is much harder than the communities of the Icelanders in the north.

This world has been developed by Korneel Duyvesteyn. Send bugs, spelling mistakes, remarks, questions and other feedback about this world to him. He can issue rewards for possible bugs and spelling mistakes.

Disclaimer Message from the creator: WoW games is NOT responsible for any bugs/unbalanced things (if possible) on this world unless it is caused by the program itself or by other programs of the WoW team.

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