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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-1999

Worlds Heading.

The Isles of Arragoth
In the beginning the Gods of Fire ruled the Isles. As the sacred flame of the gods dwindled, they spawned Arragoth. Arragoth the son of the Fire Gods, ruled the Isles and all the creatures upon them. He enforced his rule via the Lava Legions. Molten troops which marched from the Volcano based on each of the Isles. Any who opposed Arragoth were quickly brought to a fiery death.

The rule of Arragoth was absolute for many a millennium, until the worlds orbit reached its' furthest point from the Sun. At this point the world cooled and Arragoth power waned. Not wanting to risk fading out of existence like the Gods of Fire before him, Arragoth went into hybernation. Sealed inside his volcanic fortress he sank into a deep slumber.

As the centuries passed the various races retook control of the Islands surrounding Arragoths' domain. The Lava Legions remained dormant inside each islands central volcano. Eventually Arragoth was only a legend of the past.

Nearly five centuries after depature of Arragoth from the surface world, the ground is beginning to rumble. While many pass it off as natural phenomenon, the oracles realise the truth. In one year (12 turns) to the day, Arragoth will return. Unleashing his legions to reclaim the peripheral islands of his former domain. The wizards of the Isles have emerged to attempt to take control of this situation. Gathering forces in large cities, they prepare to fight each other and Arragoth for control of the Isles. Most realise that they will be no match for an awakened Arragoth, and hence hasten to storm his domain while the son of the Fire Gods is vulnerable.


Amazons are a race of jungle dwelling warriors. Both their males and females are the fittest of nearly all humans. The Amazonian cities blend almost perfectly into the jungle. The Amazons are formidable opponents, especially in there own territory. Poison darts seem to fly from naught but trees at any that enter their domain. Varossa is the sole Amazonian city in the Isles of Arragoth.

VAROSSA - Still living in fear of Arragoth return, the people of Varrosa still carry out the rituals of old. Regular sacrifices are made to try and appease the Gods of Fire. The tribal warriors of the city hunt a plentiful supply of game but also have the strength to repel invaders.


Deep in the underworld, the dark elves reside. Splitting from their High Elven cousins many millenniums ago, the two are now almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priests, is one which revolves around combat and treachery.

BARACKAS - The Underworld was once filled with Dark Elven cities, each controlled by an individual family or house as they are known. After millenniums of continued battling, the wars of attrition ended with Barackas the sole survivor. This remaining city is filled with the greatest warriors of their race. The incredible swordsmanship of the Dark Elves is renowned throughout the Isles. With the lesser members of their race destroyed, the city of Baracas turns its attention to the other major cities of the Isles.


The Dervishes are a race of nomadic tradesmen. They converse with all races yet can also stand alone against any. The major dervish trade center is the town of Traders point.

TRADERS POINT - The rich grasslands of Traders Point provide plentiful supplies of food, which the Dervish people in turn trade for any commodity of value. Many of the Dervishes are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors but frequently mercenaries are hired to battle instead. The defenses of Traders Point have thus far repelled any raiders that have tried to breach them.


Gnomes are small demi-humans known especially for their weird and wonderful inventions. Another peculiar trait is their fast and continuous speech. The Gnomish capital of the Isles is Farawayfromorl (it's full name being Farawayfromorlthoznastyorcsandbeastindidlezarfimanilogobutomalikmabil).

FARAWAYFROMORL - The city of Farawayfromorl rises out of the planes, being formed by a series of interlinking towers. These large structures counter balance each other via an array of cables and struts. Wheeled vehicles ride along the cables providing transport between the buildings. The Gnomes spend their days engaged in endless conversations or creating crazy gadgets. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes such a dangerous opponent.


The Halflings are a joyful race of small demi-humans. Known for their lack of height and hairy toes, Halflings form together in towns known as shires. The relaxed life style of the Halflings can be vigorously defended when threatened. Halfling slingers and pony riders may quickly be gathered to repel any unwelcome visitors. The major Halfling shire of the Isles is Cropers Wood.

CROPERS WOOD - The Halflings of Cropers Wood are farmers in a peace loving community. The woods provide shelter from both the elements and enemies alike. The center-piece of this small shire is the Town Hall where the towns Mayor Mariso Redbottom resides. The mayor runs what is an efficient yet laid back community. Having survived many centuries the robust Halflings of Cropers Wood may be considered strong, even if not in physical strength.


Hill Dwarves are renowned everywhere for their skill as weapon smiths. The short stocky race also has a passion for forging the earth's minerals into many types of objects and artifacts. The only sizeable population of Hill Dwarves is in the shanty town of Camp Jollymount.

CAMP JOLLYMOUNT - Originally the Hill Dwarves dwelled in their large fortress atop this islands central volcano. The volatility of the region eventually forced them to abandon their homes and flee. The only free land they could find was the swamplands that this refugee camp has been created on. While many would have given up after such disastrous events, the Hill Dwarves remain in high spirits. Their new home named Camp Jollymount to mock the terrifying volcanic mountain. The Dwarves plot to bring down Arragoth and return the volcano to its dormant state, reclaiming their homes.


The High elves are one of the most ancient and noble races. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. Starlight Forest is filled with residents which are both craftsmen and scholars, living a peaceful life. However, being the bastion of the High Elves it will be the chief hope for survival in the approaching times of danger.

STARLIGHT FOREST - The serene city of Starlight Forest will be transformed into a defensive stronghold with the approaching troubled times. The council of elders already meets nightly to discuss tactics for survival. The city is already protected by several score of the legendary Heart Bowmen, the sacred warriors who patrol the forest handing out justice to any who enter with evil intentions.


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races to frequent the Isles. Their culture revolving around the warriors ensures only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a tort human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle. The major Minotaur city is Bulls Canyon.

BULLS CANYON - Although the deep ravine in which this city sits does not offer much of a strategic advantage in defense, it is a perfect barrier protecting the city from the elements. The gale force winds of the region, rush across the tundra surface ripping most unprotected objects from the ground. The minotaurs are hardy enough to survive the harsh conditions but are ready to fight their way into more prosperous lands.


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. The main orcish kingdom of the Isles is located in the depths of the underworld, sheltered from the light the orcs hate with a passion.

NIGHTSCAR - A place of nightmares, the city of Nightscar is the site of horrible atrocities. The more powerful Orcs treat the lesser members of their and other races with cruelty as they act as mining slaves. The lower classes of orcs work the many gem shafts running below the city while those unfortunate captured members of other races are put to work in the quarries.


Plainsmen live off the land of their home region. They are tribal in nature and manage to exist in harmony with both animals and nature. The rich plains of their home Isle are host to the largest plainsman settlement of Granola.

GRANOLA- The plainsmen exist in harmony with the other peaceful inhabitants of their Isle. The greater warrior Plainsmen use their weapon skills only for the purposes of hunting. With troubled times approaching, they are fully prepared for the possibility of facing more than the game of the plains.


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself. A large population of Sandpeople is said to exist on the northern most point of a strange Isle. No living man has been able to confirm this however.

NAZIR - Amid the dunes of deserts sands lies Nazir. Disguised by the haze, the low buildings are difficult to see until already inside the town. Many travelers discover this city when it is all to late. Nazir is ruled by a council known as the Conclave. The people of this area know all the oasis's and caves which allows living with ease in the harsh environment. This environment suit the sandpeople though and they will do anything to avoid the colder regions to the south east.


Under Dwarves are stocky demi-humans who spend the majority of their time in the tunnels and caverns of the Underworld. They are masters of obtaining the grounds wealth, and mine in constant pursuit of the sacred metal Mithril. The largest Under Dwarven Kingdom is found on one of the richest iron veins ever discovered.

BLACKROCK- What began as a rich mining colony has turned into the major Under Dwarven stronghold of this world. The plentiful iron supplies more than make up for the lack of other resources. The iron is forged into tools that in turn mines even more wealth from the ground. Regularly attacked by the Nightscar Orcs, greeding for the city wealth, a strong garrison has been formed that has thus far been the match of any adversaries.

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