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Worlds Heading.

The Isles of Alustria

"Laniatus terram non liberabit"

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Excerpts from the diary of Sir Roland Minfald, admiral in service of King Balador.
The oldest written words found on the Isles of Alustria:

Day 1: Land! We found land! Let's take a good look around and report everything to King Balador. This was my exclamation of happiness. I have been searching several months for new land to conquer and I have finally found land. Balador thinks his empire is too small and he wants more. Always more. What I found on the new island was not what I really hoped. It was a great waste, it was cold and it looked and smelled like death and decay. Several volcanos were to be seen in a distance but frankly no trees grew on these tundras where I landed with my boat "Rejuvenation". My compass said we were east of Pejron, island of Balador.
Day 6: The desolation is really large. My people are losing hope of finding new land and I am thinking of returning to the ship and sailing homewards. I saw some gnomes but they did not say anything, stunned by fear or under some sort of spells.
Day 43: This island is cursed! On our trip to our ship we encountered a pack of skeletons. They attacked me and my men and we were slaughtered. The survivors, me and my navigator Scramdin, were brought to some sort of fortress. The fortress was shrouded in a black cloud and its tops reached into the skies. As soon as we reached the castle , we were roughly taken downstairs and thrown into a dark prison without any explanation. The prison was cold and wet, it was really terrible. We were fed rats every day and we were allowed to drink some water, but that was about it. Every three days someone was taken away and never to be seen again. In the prison we met Tera and Plardi, two Gnomish inventors. They told us that we were inside the fortress of a necromancer called Caizarius. Caizarius and his three brothers are controlling this island, have subdued the people and imprisson all that come by ship. He once tried to flee with a flying machine but he was caught in a storm and dropped down. He was trying to dig a hole in those prison walls, and he thought there were tunnels behind those walls. After several days we found a hole and through that hole we escaped.
The last pages of his diary have never been retrieved although his diary was found on Kasfahl, a desolate and faraway island.

Excerpt from "La Historia" written by Velizal the Scribe in order of Kind Gailtar of Pejron.
This book was written 30 years ago.

...Island after Island fell to Caizarius and his minions. It all happened eighty years ago. Caizarius, liche lord of Kasfahl, was once a great necromancer in ages past. He was killed by several strong magicians about 200 years ago because they thought he was one of the most dangerous men in the world. He was raised however by one of his younger brothers, called Tarik. In his new form as a Liche Lord he possessed even more power than in his normal life, and he started his conquest of the isles. To make sure there would be no arguments about who should get the power, Caizarius killed his three brothers. He assigned three generals to lead his armies and he remained on Kasfahl to give orders and to summon new troops to his cause. He also ordered them to construct a giant maze of underground tunnels to make sure other mages could never track him down and kill him once and for all. During his conquest several dark mages joined his cause and after ten years of conquest he controlled half of the world. On strategic places he constructed so called 'Necromantic Foci' to be able to summon his skeletons in the fray right away. But as empires rise and fall, his empire has fallen as well. A combined attack of Dwarves, Elves and Humans drove his troops back and after about ten years of battling his troops were forced back to Kasfahl and several other small unimportant Isles. The world was saved and mages began searching Caizarius but they were unsuccessful...

Excerpt from "Bulletin of the Next Day", a newspaper written by the council of druidic wizards whose task is to prevent Caizarius from doing the same as 110 years ago.

... Greetings people of the Isles. We fear Caizarius is preparing an assault again. He needs help though and we should make sure he will not get that help. As you know his empire is scattered, his generals have been forced back and his Necromantic Foci have fallen into decay. It is rumoured Caizarius is on Kasfahl, so if we make sure he remains there he can never do the same as 110 years ago. But if he should get help, then... prepare thyselves for years of horror and pain my friends!

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The Scenario Rules

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City Descriptions


The Dark Elves are living deep below the surface of the world. Splitting from their high elven cousins many millenniums ago, the two are now almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priests, is one which revolves around combat and treachery.

KAYSERI - Kayseri is located deeply under the surface of the world. Many centuries ago Elves from Marydale left in search for more minerals. They crossed an ocean gab and found tunnels in the darkness containing large quantities of minerals. The town of Kayseri is since then feared for its well-trained armies and skilled leaders. Later, when these Elves started to explore these caverns better, it seemed that they were living in the northern part of a tunnelnetwork which they called the 'finger of terror'.
Player Number = 09

MALATRON - Malatron has been founded by Elves from Kayseri to strengthen the power of the Dark Elven race on the isles of Alustria. They have never been conquered by the forces of Caizarius because they kept their tunnels under constant surveillance. Even till now, no hostile soldier ever made it into the so called 'finger of pain' as the Elves from Malatron call these tunnels.
Player Number = 14


The tall tower spires of the Dervish cities can be seen from many miles away. The merchant cities are often arid and devoid of natural riches but always supply enough valuable resource for trade. Many of the Dervish are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors, though mercenaries are frequently hired to battle instead. The Dervishes are a powerful trading ally but have many means to make themselves a deadly enemy.

FORT ARTIS - Fort Artis situated on the island of Pejron is inhabited by Dervishes. These Dervishes have caused the decease of Caizarius' empire several decades ago. Living on a peninsula consisting of several different terrain types, they don't have to fear many neighbours and they can fully concentrate their efforts on Caizarius and his foul minions.
Player Number = 18


The fascinating Gnomish cities often appear to be technological feats. Examples of cities appearing to hang off the edge of a sheer cliff wall with a strange array of cables and struts supporting their structure may be found in many lands. The back of their castles often extend back into caves and tunnels where the remainder of the cities population reside. Deep within the labyrinth of caves lie many inventors' workshops. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes them such a strong race.

ASTRAL LAJUS - Holliwican, as the astral plane is called by Gnomes, is dominated and mainly populated by Gnomes. Astral Lajus is one of the two great Gnomish towns found on this island in the clouds. Myths tell that Holliwican used to be connected to Sleesh, but it has never been confirmed. Sleesh is a smaller island in the clouds inhabited by fearsome Lizards.
Player Number = 02

VALDORAMAX - Valdoramax is situated on Holliwican, an island of thin air drifting on the clouds. Valdoramax is slightly smaller than the other Gnome town on Holliwican, called Astral Lajus. They have never been attacked by Cairarius and his minions being securely locked up amidst these clouds.
Player Number = 05

WACKIR OUTPOST - Wackir Outpost has been founded by gnomes who lived among the clouds and who couldn't bare the absence of decent minerals anymore. They found Mt Wackir on the southern point of Cirkas, which these Gnomes call 'The Isle of the Half Moon'. On Mt Wackir they founded their outpost which has grown into a decent sized town in a couple of decades.
Player Number = 13


The Halflings are a joyful race of small demi-humans. Known for their lack of height and hairy toes, Halflings form together in towns known as shires. The Halflings favourite territory is hills, which they build their burrow homes in. The relaxed life style of the Halflings can be vigorously defended when threatened. Halfling slingers and pony riders may quickly be gathered to repel any unwelcomed visitors.

SARRO BANKS - Sarro Banks is the only Halfling capital on the isles of Alustria. Located on a lone island in the sea called Sadalta they have never been the target of megalomanic leaders like Caizarius. It is rumoured though that somewhere on this island corridors from the clouds come to an end. The halflings have never really investigated this myth as their island provides them with everything they need.
Player Number = 06


Hill Dwarves are renowned throughout the lands as master weapon smiths. They have a passion for using minerals harvested from the earth to forge exquisite trinkets, superb armor, and mighty artifacts. They are a short stocky race, but their reputation as warriors (and drinkers) preceeds their size. Aided by their mighty artifacts the Hill Dwarves have been known to crush enemies. Their valor in combat, and loyalty to their kith and kin is unsurpassed. It is said that in dire circumstances, several dwarves will fight to the death as 'rearguard', just to allow a majority of their comrades, and allies to escape.

KARAK TARUN - Karak Tarun is the last Hill Dwarf capital on the isles. With humans of different forms they battled for Mahalton, meaning 'land of promesse' in Dwarven tongue. The Dwarves were beaten back but a ceasefire followed when Caizarius invaded Mahalton, allowing the Dwarves to regain their strength. The wars never continued after Caizarius lost power, and the people of Mahalton are now living in peace.
Player Number = 03


The High elves are one of the most ancient and noble races on the face of any world. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the elven cities is something many a traveller has journeyed to see in safer times. But now that troubled times approach, the cities will be seen as defensive stronghold rather than cities of great aesthetics.

MARYDALE - Marydale is not part of the glorious Elven empire on Cirkas. Located on Pejron they have adapted to the way of the humans that populate this island. As most people on Pejron, they have suffered heavily from the assaults of Caizarius. As a result this once lovely Elven fortress turned into a center of warfare, struggling to survive.
Player Number = 11

VILEA GROVE - Vilea has been founded on a treeless area in the Vilea Forest. These Elves living at the other side of Caizarius and his undead have been allowed to build up a glorious empire together with their kindred from Yzaldra. A lot of scientists, even Gnomes, and even more philosophers are living in these great Elven towns.
Player Number = 04

YZALDRA - Yzaldra is very similar to Vilea. Yzaldra forest is slightly smaller than Vilea but that is because the marshes which seperates these towns have confiscated a greater area from Yzaldra than from Vilea Forest. Living in a volcanic area, these Elves are capable of equiping their troops with the finest Elven armours... in case someone attacks their lands.
Player Number = 17


Highlanders are a human race who love the crisp air of the hills and mountains. They live a very traditional lifestyle, residing in clans. They are fierce warriors and wars between the clans frequently flare up. Their religion is two fold, believing in one god but also that the world also possess lesser gods known as the chosen ones. These chosen are virtually immortal barring complete decapitation. The immortals are both revered and feared, never accepted by any of the clans and forced to live in secrecy or wander the earth eternally.

HIGH ALFAX - The people of Alfax have been battling Hill Dwarves in the past, and the war was stalemate until Caizarius came invading their island. They stopped battling the Dwarves, and they started to fight against the shared foe. Their terrain is quite hilly, as High Alfax and the surrounding mountains used to be surrounded by 'The Isle of the Half Moon'.
Player Number = 19


Choosing to live in the frozen regions, Icelanders have learnt to use the elements of arctic terrain to their upmost advantage. Riding Mammoths into war and building defences of ice, little can stop an Icelander army fighting in their home terrain. The communities generally live peacefully however, hunting and fishing the lands to gain food and skins to protect themselves from the cold.

HEYERVALLEN - Heyervallen is one of the two great Icelander towns on Isarna, the island of snow, cold and ice. Only Icelanders can survive on these barren arctic fields and dead taigas. Many seers have tried to find an explanation for the fact that it is always freezing on Isarna. Rumours tell that Caizarius put his curse on this island as he feared the determined and coldhearted Icelanders.
Player Number = 01

JOR SUYERHECKE - Jor Suyerhecke is one of the two great Icelander outpost on the island of snow. It is rumoured that underworld tunnels have been dug under this island inhabited by Dark Elves. Fortunately no tunnel leading to these underworld caverns has been found as of yet.
Player Number = 15

TEKKE MARNUS - The town of Tekke Marnus is not located on Isarna. Nobody knows how these Icelanders ended up on Pejron, maybe it is because a lot of Icelanders fled from Heyervallen when galleons of death landed on the shores of Isarna. These cowardly Icelanders formed the outpost of Tekke Marnus on the southern desolation of Pejron.
Player Number = 08


The unique Lizardmen are one that is feared due to both legend and apperance. The tall warriors of the race wield weapons with strength and precision while the lash of a tail gives them an extra avenue of attack. The trident and javelin troops alone would form an army requiring strong forces to resist. These troops pale in comparison to the Lizardmens most powerful weapon. The Chameleon Assasins. These warriors are almost impossible to spot before cold steel through the heart alerts one to their presence. Apart from their strong array of troops, very little is known of this strange race.

GYSH S'ARMUÍNE - Gysh, as this Lizardmen temple city is often called is located on the far end of Cirkas. They were once neighbouring the Lizardmen from Quazar but for unknown reasons they got seperated. However, seers forecast that a connection will soon be established again and that the Lizardmen race will thrive.
Player Number = 16

QUAZAR - Quazar finds itself surrounded by gems, gems and even more gems. Located on an astral island, which they call Sleesh, they possess the largest gem deposits on the isles of Alustria. It is said that this part of the astral plane was once part of Holliwican, though no connection has been found as of yet.
Player Number = 20


Ogres are a brutal race of large humanoids. Although not known for their intelligence, they can produce a rare cunning that has brought the demise of many opponents. Their general lack of Intellect, combined with a powerful frame, far stronger than the average mans, makes this race a popular choice to be coerced into war by manipulative villains.

The Ogre race is divided into classes with the lowly Underlings doing the most menial of tasks. This class system is almost entirely based on physical size with Underlings being far smaller than standard Ogres, who are in turn dwarfed by the Chieftains. Ogres prefer to reside in the Mountains where they fight at their best.

FORT BARAGKUL - Fort Baragkul is located on the southern peninsula of Pejron. These ogres can produce quite of lot of minerals around their capital which makes them feared by the nearby races, on the other hand their gigantic strength combined with an array of quality weapons helped a lot in defeating Caizarius.
Player Number = 07


Plainsmen live off the land of their home region. They are tribal in nature and manage to exist in harmony with both animals and nature. There are major gatherings of plainsmen situated across the surface of many lands

REERT - The plainsmen have always been outnumbered on the isles by races like Dwarves and Elves, still one city remained. This city called Reert can be found on the southern plains of Mahalton. They have battled Caizarius with several other Plainsmen tribes. Unfortunately Reert was the only one to remain.
Player Number = 12


Under Dwarves are stocky demi-humans who spend the majority of their time in the tunnels and caverns of the Underworld. They are masters of obtaining the ground's wealth, and mine in constant pursuit of the sacred metal Mithril. The largest Under Dwarven Kingdoms are generally underground fortresses which are near impenetrable to assailants.

DRON VALS MINING COLONY - Dron Vals is the town of mining and tunneling. The center of this Underdwarven empire based on the production of weapons from raw materials lies in the Underworld, called the 'finger of terror' by the Dark Elves that also have their residence in the underworld. The Underdwarves don't fear the Dark Elves, as these Dwarves will be superior in a war in case the Dark Elves decide to attack the Mining Colony.
Player Number = 10

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This world has been developed by Korneel Duyvesteyn. Send bugs, spelling mistakes, remarks, questions and other feedback about this world to him. He can issue rewards for possible bugs and spelling mistakes.
Thanks go to Ivan McIntosh for helping with designing this world.

Disclaimer Message from the creator: WoW games is NOT responsible for any bugs/unbalanced things on this world unless it is caused by the program itself or by other programs of the WoW team. Most of my previous maps were quite well, so I hope this one will be enjoying to play as well. I wish everyone a lot of fun and enjoyment when playing on this map.

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