To take part in War of Wizards, simply fill out and submit the below form.

After completing the below form you will be emailed a validation code and your login code. Please note that this email will be sent by the server as soon as possible, but be patient, it may take a while. If it reports that the signup was successful it means that the message is on the way.

This validation code is then specified on the validation form. Here you will be able to set your initial password. You will only ever need your validation code once. The purpose of the validation procedure is to ensure that you have a valid email address that we can reach. Note that if you do not perform the validation within a week of using this signup form your signup will be deleted and you will have to perform this signup again.

After setting your password you will be then able to use the Personal WOW Information site. Here you will be able to change many of your signup attributes. Eg Wizard name, preferred race and so on. You can change these as many times as you like. Also on this personal WOW information site you will be able to view current games you are playing, games played and also the games that you are currently being offered a place in, and hence be able to confirm that you wish to play.

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The bottom box is the person who told you about War of Wizards. If you don't know their login name just leave it blank, you may set it later on your personal information page should you wish. Type rpghost if you were directly referred from their site. See Referral Program for more information on how this referral system works. We have a Privacy Policy in place to ensure that your information is not misused.

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