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Assuming you have already completed the signup form and that you have already validated your signup then you are ready to use the Personal WOW Information Site.

What to do? Enter in your login name and password, and press submit. Your WOW Information will then appear. NOTE: We have a privacy policy protecting your personal information.

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So you want to know what happens whilst waiting on the signup list?

Well this is what happens now. The signup list is being constantly updated and shifted around. It is fully automated and rarely needs human intervention.

On your personal information page below your current details will be a list of games that you are currently able to signup for.

  • This list (if you haven't played any games before) will be all the current playtest games that are currently available to new players.
  • This list (if you are a commercial player) will be all the current positions that are avaliable in commercial games.
  • This list (if you are a commercial player and hasn't played any other games) will be the combined listing of both. Not that as soon as you signup for a commercial game you will lose the listing of free playtest games. So if you are in this situation and you want to play in both then signup for the playtest game first.
  • This list (if you are a playtester who has played or are a commercial player with a balance less than $A10.00) will be non existant. To play other play test games, you can do so only by invitation from wow games, when we run a special playtest. To play other games please become a commercial player.

    If you make a selection from the list of games on the listing your will be sent a game offer email, confirming the request. You then have to go to their personal information screen and accept the game offer. There will be a place where you can specify the game number and select Yes to play or No to decline the offer to play the game. If you decline you can go and select another game offer from the list.

    Note that if you do not accept or decline the offer within 5 days you will be sent an email informing you that the offer has been removed.

    The program will keep collecting players for the game until all the positions have been filled. When viewing your personal wow information after accepting a game you will notice that you are now listed as playing that game, but are just waiting for it to commence. Along with this message the number of places still left to be accepted is displayed. When the message "Waiting for game to commence." is removed, your first turn report will arrive shortly after that.

    Remember to read the rules regularly. (We update them often to make it clearer and to document new features.)

    One final note also is that any signup account that is not accessed within a year will be deleted. A warning message will be sent out before deletion occurs however.

    Good Luck and Have Fun.

    Game Master.

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