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News Heading.

* News Moderation.

To ensure a high quality of news submissions is maintained, the below system has been implemented. For current playtest games 3 to 12 rewards in resources will be in place. However for the commercial games rewards will be a constant maximum of 25% of the turn fee, in game credits.

The reward algorithm is as follows with the percentage of the maximum reward determined by;

  • Number of Unique Words, up to 500 Words. 62.50% of the total bonus.
  • Number of Lines, up to 75 Lines. 6.25% of the total bonus.
  • HTML Content up to 31.25% of the total bonus. Most HTML tags are worth a different amount, ranging between 10 and 50 points. Each tag counts only once, with a maximum of 500 points. Annoying tags (such as Marques) may count against you. Inclusion of a bitmap is encouraged.

    Submitted news articles should conform with the following guidelines;

    WoW 2.0 - News Submission Guidelines

  • The aims of the WoW 2.0 news are to allow players to add to the games atmosphere and develop fantasy roles.
  • News submissions should be original i.e. no cutting and pasting from turn reports, repeating previous submissions, etc.
  • News submissions should be relevant to the current game and be of interest to some of it's players.
  • Irrelevant, extra materials should not be included purely in seeking rewards.
  • Articles should be in no way offensive or in poor taste.
  • All news submissions should be IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME.

    To ensure conformity with the above guidelines and to prevent spamming, each game will have a news moderator appointed. Any player who reads an article which they believe does not conform with these guidelines, should report it to that games moderator. The games moderators will also glance over the news as often as possible by themselves. The games moderator then has the power to make the following recommendations to the GM. Reward should be reduced by 1/3, 2/3 or completely. This shall then be implemented before the next turn with the player informed that the resources/credits are being subtracted. The player has the right to appeal the moderators decision to Harry or Chris whose decision shall be final.

    The moderators will be entirely voluntary in the Playtest games and should not be playing the game they are moderating. In commercial games the moderators shall be rewarded by automatically receiving the maximum news reward (in game credits) when they submit their own news article. This means they will be able to moderate their own game. Moderators are to judge the articles according to the guidelines only and not in regards personal opinion of quality.

    Who gets to be a moderator? We will get a list of people nominating themselves and then from the ones we think will be good, pick one at random (to attempt to be fair). Mail Harry if you wish to volunteer to be a game moderator and which game/s you would like to watch over.

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