(Game 2)

Designed : David Harris, Programmed : Chris Horn.

Below are the current rankings for War of the Wizards Game One. World Gondoria.


  • 1st is Player 1 Tyrion_of_Caledar, beuzekom@student.tn.tudelft.nl.
  • 2nd is Player 10 Smygelfh, m96thd@student.tdb.uu.se.
  • 3rd is Player 5 Faurondor, lindstrom@helix.mgh.harvard.edu.
  • 4th is Player 8 Therrian, wingedwolf@earthlink.net.
  • 5th is Player 7 Stargazer, dancing@post3.tele.dk.
  • 6th is Player 9 Zefrir, ik120@hotmail.com.
  • 7th is Player 2 Borzag, phtcdah@lux.latrobe.edu.au.
  • 8th is Player 6 Volcane, phtcdah@lux.latrobe.edu.au.
  • 9th is Player 4 Kyrlyn, danders@ccm.tds.net.
  • 10th is Player 3 Bob, sja@cali.co.uk.


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  • PLAYER 1.
  • Can you hear the whispering

    Over the screams of your dying friends

    Did you know your life was mine

    Prince Tyrion of Caledor

  • PLAYER 2.

  • PLAYER 3.

  • PLAYER 4.

  • PLAYER 5.
  • Strange rumors of the death of Lord Karrack have been coming in from the city of Nihl from wanderers, traders, and spies. Finally, a Nihlist Royal messenger has arrived to set the record straight:

    Our Lord Karrack suddenly took ill during the Midsummer Feast and that night died. The citizens of Nihl took this as grave news not only because of their love for Karrack, but also because of their dread for the ascention of Ganthor, the crown prince, to the throne. Ganthor was known more for his temper and cruelty than for his ability to rule. Ganthor's first act was to take vengance on the cooks and servants of the Feast, blaming them for the death of his father. But many citizens and vassals of Nihl had continuing doubts on the effectivness of this move. "No cook planned the death of our Lord...there must be a more powerful force behind this crime" they said. Many turned to Faurondor, second son of Karrack and already a powerful Wizard, for help. To answer their pleading, he harnessed all his powers to summon Karrack back from the dead, to hear from his own lips the cause of his demise. In the King's chambers, in front of all the Court, Faurondor called his father back and to all he spoke these words: "Yea, as ye have feared, it was not illness that conquered me. I was poisoned by my own flesh and my own blood. Do as ye will with that truth, for I care not for these matters, as I have passed on to the world of darkness and nothing moves my heart." At this, Karrack's spirit departed for the second and last time from this world. To all present the meaning was clear, and they sprang upon Ganthor and slew him for his crime of patricide.

    Now the crown has passed on to Faurondor, and all the people of Nihl rejoiced, for they think highly of their new ruler. He has promised use his great powers to make Nihl into a mighty nation, and all have rallied behind him in this cause.

    You think it may be wise to send an ambassador to the city of Nihl to meet with the new Lord...

  • PLAYER 6.

  • PLAYER 7.
  • The man adjusted his sweat-drenched clothing and looked at his former steed. He hunched down beside it and started gathering the remaining of his supplies, lowly cursing himself and his employer. Bloody ol' fool... I should never have accepted this asignment. What in earth would he think I could find out her... The man rumaged through the saddlebags and threw away those rations that had gone stale with a disgusted grunt. I told him: But there's nothing out there my lord. Nothing 'cept sand, sun and those blasted desert people. But of course he had his almighty scewed head set up. Go out there Jerl, and find out why they have so many armed men if there's nothing worth defending. The man spat at the parched earth beside him and regretted that he had done it, knowing he should save whatever liquid he could. A shadow had moved over him and he thanked his gods in thought that it was still possible to get some protection from the sun out here. SO off course I had to do what he told me... Again! If I could get my hands on his throat, I'd show him a thing or two about giving moronic orders. I told him! And yet I still had to get out here just to please him. At least I hope he'll be one of the first sent out here in this god-forgetten wasteland. I would just love to see his face when he found out I was speaking the truth the first time. The man froze as he realized the shadow over him had the resemblance of a humanoid shape. Letting his eyes wander while he sat there, he could see there were several such shadows. Nothing but sand, sun and blasted desertmen.... Alot of desertmen... As he was surrounded by the figures he sighed and looked at his hands. Hands that have killed plenty of times, that had held his beloved almost as many times. And hands he knew would soon stop touching anything else but death. As life slowly ebbed out of him, the last thing his eyes saw, was the glaring sun in the open sky.

  • PLAYER 8.

  • PLAYER 9.

  • PLAYER 10.

  • The Ragdash Orcs

    Hidden deep inside the Glenray mountains is the village known as Ragdash.
    The walls are dark and radiates evil, the main gate is decorated with broken
    skulls, and the only path that leads there is sided with rottening corpses of
    all kind.

    Behind the walls, the tribe is ruled with terror, as the orcs never have been
    known for their loyalty or courage. They are forced to obedience by the
    dark powers of their leader, a tall and unusually clever warrior, known only
    as Smygelfh, the selfproclaimed king. Rumours have it that Smygelfh is an old
    elven magician who survived the dark times when the land was ruled by Lord
    Hagen, the master of lies and betrayal.

    The orcs try to achieve perfection in all acts, as failure is always punished
    with torture and death. Their armies flock together, resembling big piles
    of darkness, when they advance upon their enemies, and they waste no time
    killing any creatures, not even other orcs, as they simply can't live with others
    than themselves.

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